Within Meditronik, the training is focused on training users to work with the delivered solutions and to get acquainted with the integrated technologies within the solution. Within the company, training is conducted according to specially prepared programs and contents, adapted to each course or workshop.
After each installation, we educate the user and your staff, so that they know how to operate the system themselves, and be able to make certain changes and eliminate simple faults.

We offer a range of programs that serve to acquire additional skills in performing daily work tasks. Our work seeks to fill the gaps that arise due to insufficient knowledge of equipment and products, by providing quality and affordable training for later independent work.

We are able to perform training both at the headquarters of our company in Zagreb or directly in your area. It is worth mentioning that our professional and authorized staff conducts a training program for end users of devices intended for traffic monitoring.
Meditronik has a fully equipped classroom with the necessary equipment.

Education & Training

Technical Support
Whether it is a problem with regular use of equipment, failure of the purchased device or someone just need a help to learn how to use all features of a certain device, we offer to all customers the possibility of technical support and service of equipment – within and out of the warranty period, thanks to our professional staff with decades of experience in working precisely with our equipment.

In order for your system to work properly, we also offer the regular service and technical inspections of equipment.

For more complex systems or systems of exceptional importance, we offer the possibility of concluding a technical maintenance contract. The contract defines periodic, preventive technical inspections of equipment, as well as maintaining the correctness of the system, but also 24-hour customer support.

Our expert team will advise you in the selection, depending on your wishes and needs, deliver and install equipment on a turnkey basis, but also provide you with technical support, which means that the complete organization, delivery, installation and management of equipment takes over our professional technical staff.

Features of our support:

  • The customer receives very fast and efficient support at a price lower than the classic support at the customer’s location.
  • The user receives support regardless of where he is currently physically located. This means that our customers are supported anywhere they have internet access.
  • By following the work of technicians, the user can gain knowledge on how to eliminate the problem in the future.
  • Several experts can work on solving the problem at the same time, which reduces the time needed to solve the problem.

We are available to support you through:

  • telephone

Telephone support is also the first way to solve the problem. In this way, a large number of problems can be solved very quickly, and the user can be educated along the way on how to troubleshoot in the future.

  • Internet

If the problem cannot be solved by telephone support, our technicians will connect to your computer from a remote location, ie from our office via the Internet. In this way, our technicians have a complete insight into the problem and can detect and solve it in a fast and efficient way. This mode of support is also ideal for quick user education. We offer support in this way to remote support programs.

  • at your location

Despite technological advances, sometimes the problem needs to be fixed at your location due to various hardware or software problems. As this is a more expensive method compared to telephone and online support, support at your location will be the last option or at your request if defined by contract. When we need to provide support at your location, we will strive to be as fast, efficient, and unobtrusive as possible.