For more than 2 full decades (since 1997) Meditronik Ltd. has same and clear vision, which is to be the leading regional distributor of a different products and systems for monitoring road traffic causing a direct increase of its security (laser and radar devices for vehicle speed measuring, monitoring devices for a red light control, pass control for forbidden traffic lanes …), devices for preliminary alcohol and drugs of abuse detection from a human body, devices for travel documents authentication, ”CSI” products for simple and complex criminal forensic investigation, software solutions and special measuring equipment for traffic accidents expertise, software solutions for the automated processing of offenses in road traffic, specific solutions for the optimization of road traffic in urban areas, etc.

Our employees and their integrity, excellence, and teamwork responsibly and with respect approach to current and future clients providing a desired product or a solution that inevitably leads to our primary goal – a client’s long-term satisfaction.

To users of our products and services we dedicate our constant attention providing them training and instructions how to use a product.

The rapid pace of technological development requires our constant attention, and for that reason for the market we participate we want to offer a modern, better, more accurate and faster product. For this reason, our business strategy is very brave and simple – constant improvements in quality of our service, promptly bringing a new world technology directly to the market.