At least five human lives were saved on the roads of Split and the surrounding region since the end of 2010 on a number of hot spots set up a surveillance camera speed, which is already a few months proved to be a big hit, say in Split traffic police who did this first in Croatia.First, there are four cameras installed in places where most people are losing their lives. As the state road D8, between Kaštela Stobrec years showed the worst there are set three – at St.

Kaji in Solin, the Smokovik and Sirobuja. Last, the fourth, is set in Klis throat. Officers from Split traffic police station every day they were all convinced that the road to have a faithful a lly to save lives, and that they confirm the statistics before and after camera installation. How it came to efficient devices after two years were set four, of which two in Split and in the street of the Homeland War and the Poljica road.”One camera located in the area of ​​Dicmo near Sinj and in Glavina Donja near Imotski. Ninth camera was installed twenty days ago in Makarska. The novelty is that recently we have two cameras recording the passage through a red light. Currently on probation . One Street Patriotic War, and the other at the intersection of Vukovar and the Velebit street “, reveals a police officer PU Split-Dalmatia Željko Cesar.It is a Dutch camera GATSO GS 11 which is financed by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the National Programme of road safety.

For the first year, reduced the number of accidents and injuries

“The cameras are set up primarily to influence the reduction in the number of traffic accidents and their consequences. Even after the first year of using the camera on the State Road D1 between Dicmo and Dugopolje- number of accidents decreased by 20 percent. The number of injured dropped by over 57 percent, while the number of serious injuries fell by 80 per cent, “added Cesar.

Thanks to cameras for almost 30 percent reduced the number of accidents on the roads of the Castle to Stobreč, while the number of injured persons decreased by slightly less than 45 percent. Already in its second year on the national road to reduce the number of accidents by as much as 47 percent. As time went by the police on the roads with cameras only recorded a decline in the number of accidents, and thus the suffering of people.

Cesar says it’s all an indication that the camera has its purpose. They are set exactly at the locations that have proved to be vulnerable and have contributed to reduce the number of casualties. “Just on the most vulnerable road D8 of the Castle to Stobreč is most reduced the number of traffic deaths,” said Cesar.

The cameras record even the smallest detail. They showed that in January this year Poljica road in Split passed a total of 329,663 vehicles, an average of 10,663 vehicles a day.

The center of Split drove three times faster than allowed

The highest measured speed on that road in March amounted to 130 km / h even though the limit is 50 km / h. The Street Patriotic War, where the speed limit is 70 km / h in February, measured top speed of a staggering 213 km / h.

Only Street Patriotic War police from October 1 until the end of 2012 sanctioned 1,325 violations of speed, and from 1 January to 31 March this year 583 offenses which is a significant reduction. All cameras are marked by signs so that drivers are warned in time to be recorded. “We are not in the interests of just punish people but to reduce the number of casualties,” says the spokesman of the police.

When the camera takes some offense in the image, complete data on place, time and vehicle registration in the tackle. Then the traffic police station house owner sends a notice of the violation and it is referred to the obligation to report who’s driven his vehicle. It is required to do within eight days, after which it issued a mandatory misdemeanor warrant or indictment in the Magistrates Court.

Drivers respond positively to the camera in most cases admit their offenses. Most have no complaints, probably because the camera is so precise that the driver record and eyes color, so there is no retreat. The images are irrefutable evidence in court and therefore – drive slowly!

Do not forget that for speeding in the village of more than 50 km / h above the permitted with a penalty of up to 15,000 kuna can end and 60 days in jail, but that is the minimum sentence for a minimum of speeding 500 kuna.