The MOSKITO TI is the lightest, most capable target locater in its class, combines higher usability, lower weight and broader capabilities than any device in its class. Incorporating Safran Vectronix performance history, it is reliable in all conditions and gives dismounted infantry and special forces exactly what they need for full 24 / 7 situational awareness.

9 functions in less than 1.3 kg


Broader capabilities, 3 viewing modes:
• Premium Optical Day View, day operation without power consumption
• Thermal Imaging for detection and situational awareness day or night – wide field of view
• Low Light Imaging for positive identification
• SMART design for recording, editing, live streaming

More connectivity
• Outstanding C4I capabilities. Meets NATO inter-connectivity requirements
• Multiple interfaces including USB and Ethernet for data exchange with other devices

Higher usability
• Designed around the user – everything needed, nothing superfluous
• Highly ergonomic design
• Intuitive user interface, no information overload
• One button per function operation, designed for -use with or without gloves

Lower weight
• Best performance to weight ratio of any device in its class
• All-in weight under 1.3 kg
• Modular GPS with option of integrating military GPS on- board, saves up to 1 kg
• Low consumption sensors and careful battery management design minimize battery load

Safran Vectronix Moskito TI

Optical Day View
It enables users to assess a situation with their own eyes and make decisions independently of digital systems (100 % positive Identification). With stadiametric and mil reticle.

Low Light Imager 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
Low Light Imager (LLCMOS) – enhances users’ ability to detect (> 4 km) and identify objects in conditions from twilight to half-moon. The Low Light Imager is designed to process the inhomogeneous light conditions (dynamics) of urban terrain such as passing cars, streetlights or similar. Unlike with image intensifier tubes, no damage occurs.

Thermal Imager
Very wide 12° FOV, wider than any other comparable device on the market. Enables screening of areas in just seconds. 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution, continuous zoom.

Laser Pointer
Invisible eyesafe class 1 Laser Pointer provides easy target handover capabilities to the user/operator.

Laser Rangefinder
Outstanding performance based on Safran Vectronix leadership in laser range finding. Ranges to 10,000 m, with low divergence for best performance in harsh environmental conditions (dust, humidity).

Image / Video
Outstanding recording and processing capabilities day and night, in Thermal and Low Light Imaging modes.

Digital Magnetic Compass
High performance, low weight, low power consumption. Includes inclinometer.

MOSKITO TI Flyer [pdf – 1.22 MB]

See all the things it can do – watch the movie to get the whole story.
Safran Vectronix Moskito TI