MOSKITO TI – Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator

The MOSKITO TI is the lightest, most capable target locater in its class, combines higher usability, lower weight and broader capabilities than any device in its class. Incorporating Safran Vectronix performance history, it is reliable in all conditions and gives dismounted infantry and special forces exactly what they need for full 24 / 7 situational awareness. […]

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4 great reasons to choose Axis network cameras

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that cameras are an important part of an effective security system. But how does an analog camera differ from a connected IP camera? Here are some of the reasons to choose a network camera from Axis. […]

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The cameras have saved at least five lives

At least five human lives were saved on the roads of Split and the surrounding region since the end of 2010 on a number of hot spots set up a surveillance camera speed, which is already a few months proved to be a big hit, say in Split traffic police who did this first in Croatia.First, there are four cameras installed in places where most people are losing their lives. As the state road D8, between Kaštela Stobrec years showed the worst there are set three – at St. […]

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